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About the Game

Hello World! All your bases are belong to us.

Spikedemon223 and Airacoda are excited to announce the launch of our new Minecraft Community and Server. We hope you come, have fun and experiment with us.

Now that you’ve found us, make sure you review the rules page. It may update so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. For game updates subscribe to our YouTube channel. New content will be uploaded weekly.

Ok, now that we’ve covered the formalities, let’s talk about what we are trying to do here. This isn’t your typical Minecraft Community. Airacoda, Spikedemon223 and the PixelBattle contributors are not full time employees dedicated to ensuring you have a fun new mini game to play each week. We are just a couple of Minecraft gamers who like to create new spaces, games and worlds as a hobby, but we’ve grown tired of sharing them with friends and family so we’re opening our sandbox to world. We expect our Minecraft server to constantly be up and changing. This week, we’ve created a 2v2 parkour challenge, added a few custom pets (join the form and ask Spikedemon223 to make you a BB8! It’s epic.), and a player housing area. Want a space for yourself, just ask for one here, BUT remember the map may change in a week so don’t get too fond of your space.

Hope you all enjoy.

Airacoda - PixelBattle Master

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