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This is the official home page of PixelBattle.net. A Minecraft community and server for MC creators and hobbyist. Join us for a hosted Minecraft event, share a map, or build home in on the community world.
We are always grateful for any donations we receive!

There will be 6 events this month

NB: All events are in PST 

2nd - 8pm   9th - 10pm

14th - 10pm  /  20th - 7pm

24nd - 8pm   28th - 10pm

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August 6, 2017

Ok - the other day Spikedemon223 and I tried out this new command. It's a randomly generating stone structure. We've made a view, you can catch it on YouTube. Here is the full command.​

summon falling_block ~ ~1 ~ {Block:stone,Time:1,Passengers:[{id:falling_block,Block:...

July 30, 2017

Watch my YouTube video to learn how to make this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osJnQtMb6ac

Repeating command block #1

/tp @e[type=armor_stand,name=bb8] @e[type=wolf,name=bb8]

Chain block #1

/tp @e[type=armor_stand,name=bb81] @e[type=wolf,name=bb8]

Chain block #2

/tp @e[ty...

July 30, 2017

Hello World! All your bases are belong to us.

Spikedemon223 and Airacoda are excited to announce the launch of our new Minecraft Community and Server. We hope you come, have fun and experiment with us.

Now that you’ve found us, make sure you review the rules page. It may...

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